About us

Reimagine, renew and regenerate are the certainty of a present time for all the futures that we can transform

We were born not due to a necessity. We were born because we believe we can revolutionize the way plastics industry thinks and the planet. We educate the consumer and the market, so that society can also reimagine, renew and regenerate the present for a better future.


The present transforms the future, and this is something we already know.
But have you ever stopped to think how much the future also transforms the present?

At ERT, we think about this every day.
We reimagine the future to act today. Right now.

We believe the future is fertile.
Renewable. Never disposable.

We are here to launch a new era that not only sustains a future
but also reestablish all its possibilities.
Whether on land, sea, or air.
And inside us.

We are a new generation of plastic.
A generation of bioplastic.
We believe in the power of earth.
So that the Earth can thrive.

We are a natural evolution.
We are a kind of plastic that is like a plant.
From beginning to end.

We study, investigate, discover and develop a renewable,
biodegradable and compostable solution
to recreate the present and future of plastic.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle: The 3 Rs of circularity
are the path from a future to the present.
Reimagine, renew and regenerate
are the certainty of a present time
for all the futures that we can, together, transform.

We create valuable
and truly sustainable

We started with a simple goal: to inspire the market about the importance of sustainability and revolutionize the plastic industry way of thinking.

Fundação da ERT no laboratório da Clemson University, SC, USA


Investimento Série B


Primeira patente em fracionamento de biomassa


Nova gestão


Primeiro produto comercial


Assina contratos de distribuição no Brasil, Chile e Portugal


Inauguração de fábrica no Brasil


Assina contrato de distribuição nos EUA, Canadá e México.


Aumento da capacidade da planta


Our mission and values


To Develop specialized bioplastics with quality, safety and sustainability, contributing to the substitution of conventional plastics for bioplastics.


Integrity and trust;

Passion and caring for the environment;

Commitment to quality, partners and customers;

Innovative, disruptive and transformative attitude.

We reimagine the future
to act today

We aim to rethink green technologies to cause a significant impact in our environment. We dream of a waste-free world, where our relationship with plastic is renewable, circular, and sustainable. We want to build purposeful partnerships and support more companies and industries to develop truly sustainable products and innovations.

A generation of transformative minds that unites
science and sustainability to create valuable
solutions and partnerships. Meet our leadership team:

Kim Gurtensten Fabri
Gabriela Gugelmim
Chief People Officer
Emanuel Lopes Martins
Chief Growth Officer
Ricardo Faoro
Chief Industrial Officer
Fabio Nametz
Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Kim Gurtensten Fabri
Mark Finser
Alan Fuchs
Prof. Dr. Luiz Pereira Ramos

Quality and Environmental Policy

ERT is committed to the development and production of bioplastics with quality, safety and sustainability, in conformity with the requirements of applicable legislation, meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.

We are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and minimizing the environmental impacts of our activities.

We promote the training and commitment of our employees to the quality of our products and the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.