The time to act is now.

Acting for the planet’s health and natural resources is not innovation, let alone the future. It is time to adopt more sustainable practices, minimizing our carbon footprint and reducing waste.

Here, at ERT, we dream of a waste-free world, where our relationship with plastic is renewable, circular, and sustainable. We have innovative, unique, and truly sustainable technologies to help your industry rethink green technologies aiming at significantly impacting the environment, consumers, and society as a whole.

Legacy for your industry,
positive impact for the planet.

Does your company have defined sustainability goals? We can help you to take your goals to another level.

Effectively reduce your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of your products can be drastically reduced with plant-based raw materials instead of petroleum-based raw materials. With ERT solutions, the positive impact is even greater. In addition to being biobased, they are biodegradable and compostable, with performance comparable to those of common fossil-based plastics. Compared to conventional plastics, biobased plastics use 42% less energy for production and may have a reduction of 77% in greenhouse gases.

Have a value commitment

Making a value commitment is putting into practice solutions that bring benefits to consumers and the planet. Bioplastics have the potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, moving toward the decarbonization of our chain, promoting the development of more sustainable products and can be linked to your industry’s ESG policy.

Be part of a new economy

More and more consumers are rethinking on the products they consume, in addition to the impacts these products will have after use. That is why it is increasingly important to make commitments and put them into practice so that we can leave aside the linear model of consumption and production: extract, transform, discard. At the circular model, one ecosystem uses the energy of the other, with a focus on positive benefits for our world.

We are committed to the
beginning and end-of-life
phases of a product:

renewable source
ERT Biocompounds
Materials produced with
ERT Biocompounds

Comparative Area

and Sustainability

Conventional plastic
a life cycle
of 500 years.
With our solutions, this
polymer returns
to organic
matter in up to 180 days.